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Store Management

Store Director

Brad Walters

Assistant Manager General Merchandise
Jerome Johnson

Kitchen Manager
David McDonald

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Ryan Blair

Market Grille Manager
Ashley Walz

Catering Manager
Marlo Polc

Meat Market Manager
Corey Gittings

Megan Callahan, MS, RD, LD

Pharmacy Manager
Elaine Beard

Tara Sallee, MS, RD, LD

Produce Manager
Matt Protsman

Human Resource Manager
Andrea Moore

Salad Bar Manager
Jamiee Protsman

Product Manager
Lance Cornell

Seafood Manager
Steve Schroeder

Bakery Manager
Gabbie Sinnett

Starbucks Manager
Julie Holloway

Caribou Coffee Manager
Kathleen Loveall

Wine & Spirits Manager
Brian Ernst

Chinese Express Manager
Michael Guo

Cocina Mexicana Manager
Nicole Kelleher

Dairy Manager
Sara Comer

Basin Manager
Ellen Thate

Delicatessen Manager
Jennette McGee

Assistant Director Store Operations
Andy Batliner

Frozen Foods Manager
Josh Ruth

Assistant Director Perishables
Tyler Wilson

Fuel Station Manager
Josh Bland

Food Service Director
Tom Feisel

General Merchandise Manager
Diane Pahls

Customer Experience Director
Michelle Granville

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Ellen Thate

Dia Pida Manager
Nicole Kelleher

HealthMarket Manager
Katelyn Roberson

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