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Store Management

Store Director

Rod Dolph

Assistant Manager Perishables
Torre Thompson

Floral Manager
Shaylan Mitchell

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Cole Smith

Frozen Foods Manager
Josh Mathews

Certified Chef
Steve Whitener

Fuel Station Manager
Dave Grenko

Certified Wine Specialist
Darrick Sigwerth

HealthMarket Manager
Ashleigh Creel

Certified Wine Specialist
Donovan Sigwerth

Meat Market Manager
Kim Whittle

Cheese Specialist
David Goff

Pharmacy Manager
Marrianne Ryno

Customer Care Education Manager
Julia Hawley

Produce Manager
Ron Liebrum

Data Analyst
Mitch Stegeman

Starbucks Manager
Mimi McKay

Human Resources Manager
Joe Shanks

Hickory House Comfort Foods Manager
Justin Risse

Aisles Online Manager
Rachel Feldmann

Assistant Director Store Operations
Darrick Sigwerth

Bakery Manager
Jenny Wright

Assistant Director Perishables
Donovan Sigwerth

Dairy Manager
Rick Johnson

Food Service Director
Steve Brown

Delicatessen Manager
Cliff Hill

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