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Store Management

Assistant Manager Perishables
Michelle Taylor

HealthMarket Manager
Kelsey Osborn

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Lee Sparks

Kitchen Manager
Karen Case

Human Resource Manager
Troy Koeppe

Meat Market Manager
Al Dorrel

Aisles Online Manager
Charly Callahan

Meat Service Manager
Dave Lakey

Bakery Manager
Jessie Rivkin

Pharmacy Manager
Stephanie Head

Coffee Shop Manager
Gayle Newman

Produce Manager
Aaron Cunningham

Convenience Store Manager
Greg Erickson

Seafood Manager
Carla Dovell

Dairy Manager
Tim Bucchholz

Wine & Spirits Manager
Devon DeLuca

Delicatessen Manager
Dillon Long

Food Service Director
Kevin Gorman

Floral Manager
Jeff Bodenhamer

Store Manager
Jordan Eslick

Frozen Foods Manager
Tim Buccholz

District Store Director
Ina Cavin

General Merchandise Manager
Cody Otterson

Pricing and Data Analyst
Bretton Burns

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Kelsey Osborn

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