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Store Management

Store Manager

Will Woods

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Dan Quinn

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Kay Hall

Accounting Manager
Cody Otterson

HealthMarket Manager
Shawn Hefty Stabb

Catering Manager
Alex Doyle

Meat Market Manager
Al Dorrel

Human Resource Manager
Troy Koeppe

Meat Service Manager
Dave Lakey

Product Manager
Tim Bucchholz

Pharmacy Manager
Lisa Pedroza

Bakery Manager
Brenda Hardin

Produce Manager
Matt Auffert

Coffee Shop Manager
Gayle Newman

Seafood Manager
Carla Dovell

Convenience Store Manager
Patrick Staab

Wine & Spirits Manager
Josh Jefford

Dairy Manager
Chris Doyle

District Store Director
Ina Cavin

Delicatessen Manager
Grant Austin

Food Service Manager
Kirk Dunst

Floral Manager
Adriana Baidoo

Assistant Manager E-Commerce
Brenda Mallot

Frozen Foods Manager
Keaton Bode

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