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Store Management

Store Director

Dan Fuller

Assistant Manager Perishables
Keenan Inserra

Meat Market Manager
Shawn Broady

Assistant Manager Perishables
Andy Smith

New York-Style Delicatessen Manager
Ben Huff

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Beth Stuck

Pharmacy Manager
Kaleb Roth

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Thomas Taylor

Produce Manager
Rob Dressel

Accounting Manager
Amy Jindra

Seafood Manager
Jim Riha

Backroom Manager
Justin Swallow

Starbucks Manager
Tara Malchow

Catering Manager
Angela Hoff

Wine & Spirits Manager
Sam Calhoun

Charcuterie Specialist
Ben Huff

Food Service Director
Justin Gipe

Cheese Specialist
Ben Huff

Customer Experience Director
Chris Bashus

Customer Service Manager
Kim Hansen

Bakery Manager
Kathy Ford

Laura Johansen, MS, RD, LMNT

Store Manager
Taron Banks

Human Resources Manager
Amanda Walker

Service Manager
Connor Brown

Aisles Online Manager
Amanda Secrest

Service Manager
Hayden Hegwood

Product Manager
Trejan Speth

Service Manager
Jeff Hepfner

Dairy/Frozen Manager
Lee Johnson

Service Manager
Sean Moomaw

Floral Manager
Lisa Yancey

Service Manager
Ben Skoff

General Merchandise Manager
Chloe Kehm

C-Store Manager
Dianne Dunbar

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Jeanna Blackburn

Assistant Manager E-Commerce
Reina Gayton

HealthMarket Manager
Jessica Springer

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