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Store Management

Store Director

Dan Fuller

Manager General Merchandise
Tim Olson

Bakery Manager
Erica Chandler

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Kerry Blackburn

Bank Manager
Kayla Sommer

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Shawn Bruzek

Chinese Express Manager
Dave Kirby

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Cody Gosch

Floral Manager
Lisa Yancey

Assistant Manager
Bill Amon

Frozen Foods Manager
Jenny Andrew

Assistant Manager
Caleb Brocker

Fuel Station Manager
Brian Saggau

Assistant Manager
Michelle Chilbert

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Jeanna Blackburn

Assistant Manager
Chris McDowall

HealthMarket Manager
Jessica Springer

Assistant Manager
Brian Minekime

Italian Express Manager
Dave Kirby

Assistant Manager
Crys Tipton

Kitchen Manager
Andy Smith

Assistant Manager
Tyler Valenzuela

Meat Market Manager
Shawn Broady

Backroom Manager
Mike Greany

New York-Style Delicatessen Manager
Lori Bundt

Catering Manager
Cindy Barry

Night Stock Manager
Leroy Huske

Catering Manager
Angela Hoff

Pharmacy Manager
John Finke

Charcuterie Specialist
Ben Huff

Produce Manager
Rob Dressel

Cheese Specialist
Ben Huff

Salad Bar Manager
Benjamin Osborne

Keith Walsh

Seafood Manager
Jim Riha

Customer Service Manager
Kim Hansen

Starbucks Manager
Sandra Velasquez

Shannon Muhs, MS,RD,LMNT

Wine & Spirits Manager
Michael Kisielewski

Human Resources Manager
Amanda Walker

Assistant Director Store Operations
Matt Moegle

Marketing Coordinator
Debbie Walsh

Customer Experience Director
Ashlee Kica Johnson

Product Manager
Sean Rankin

Assistant Director Perishables
Brandi Lane

Restaurant Manager
Shelby Graham

Manager of Health, Wellness and Home
Michaela Inselman

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