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Store Management

Store Manager

Jacob Dryer

District Store Director

Mike Landuyt

Assistant Manager Perishables
Rick Lee Jr.

Pharmacy Manager
Kelly Cobb, RPh

Assistant Manager Perishables
Tyler Soensken

Produce Manager
Tyler Larue

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Abby Landuyt

Seafood Manager
Daniel Aylward

Accounting Coordinator
Kelli Kluge

Service Meat Manager
Jacob Lardner

Catering Manager
Thomas Saharsky

Starbucks Manager
Sinead Keaney

Charcuterie Specialist
Niki Gardner

Service Manager
Alex Armbruster

Customer Care Education Manager
Kendall Palmer

Service Manager
Mathew Clark

Human Resources Manager
Nicole Mancheskie

Service Manager
Myiesha Keel

Bakery Manager
Kara Halbrook

Service Manager
Tammy Laper

Delicatessen Manager
Eileen Webb

Service Manager
Faith Pieper

Floral Manager
Terri Marotz

Service Manager
Lyssa Scheunemann

General Merchandise Manager
Lani Johnson

Aisles Online Manager
Sarah Archambault

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Beth Fabry

Pricing and Data Analyst
Michael Riley

HealthMarket Manager
Angie Guenette

Assistant Manager of Health and Wellness
Rachael Sneddon

Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits Manager
Brandon Harring

Assistant Manager E-Commerce
Tom Sparks

Market Grille Manager
Dana Waubanascum

Hy-Chi Manager
Ryan Condon

Night Stock Manager
Zoe Bennett

Wahlburger's Lead

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