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Store Management

District Store Director

Eric Kraciun

Assistant Manager Perishables
Trey Simmons

HealthMarket Manager
Joleen Napolitano

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Hunter Tegeler

Market Grille Manager
Andrea Haley

Human Resource Manager
Jodie Bacon

Meat Market Manager
Sam Edlund

Inventory Manager
Connie Jo Gettle

Pharmacy Manager
Manreet Kalyan

Product Manager
Derric Jenkins

Starbucks Manager
Jessica Peterson

Bakery Manager
Sarah Greenwalt

Wine & Spirits Manager
Karley Phelps

Convenience Store Manager
Brenda Randecker

Food Service Director
Rachel Huff

Dairy Manager
Jason Franklin

Assistant Manager of Health & Home
Kyle Schwartz

Delicatessen Manager
Andrea Haley

Mia Pizza Manager
Megan Coon

Floral Manager
Kris Krause

Store Manager
Michael Wedemeyer

Frozen Foods Manager
Dean Metz

Assistant Manager E-Commerce
Brent Krogman

General Merchandise Manager
Tara Lawson

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