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Store Management

Store Director

Katie Good

Assistant Director
Andy Brown

Bakery Manager
Jessica Brunswig

Assistant Director
Cale Oltmanns

Chinese Express Manager
Dalena Nguyen

Assistant Director
Joe Parrot

Dairy Manager
Shawn Schuch

Assistant Director
Rachel Spellerberg

Delicatessen Manager
Dave Kent

Manager General Merchandise
Karissa Benter

Floral Manager
Danielle Armstrong-Hobel

Certified Wine Specialist
Katie Good

Frozen Foods Manager
Jesse Davis

Certified Wine Specialist
Rachel Spellerberg

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Kristina Olsen

Charcuterie Specialist
Kathy Baker

Italian Express Manager
Brandon Mattias

Cheese Specialist
Merrill Klemm

Kitchen Manager
Dawn Cook

Customer Care Education Manager
Mary Yacovone-Riepe

Meat Market Manager
Randy Clark

Customer Service Manager
Angela Oltmanns

Pharmacy Manager
Katie Morio

Kimberly Proctor, RD, LD

Produce Manager
Nick Hedlund

Human Resource Manager
Linda Pochobradsky

Seafood Manager
Grant Blake

Aisles Online Manager
Jennifer Sanderson

Starbucks Manager
Will Hancock

Assistant Restaurant Manager
Bronica Wilson

Wine & Spirits Manager
Pat Ward

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