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Store Management

Store Manager

Brad Albers

District Store Director

Dorrie Decker

Assistant Manager Perishables
Andrew Hanssen

Delicatessen Manager
Gail Hoffman

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Lindsay DeLong

Floral Manager
Mo Noth

Certified Beer Server
Jacob Moritz

Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits Manager
Larry Lamb

Certified Wine Specialist
Larry Lamb

Meat Market Manager
Kevin Kelly

Food Service General Manager
Dave Migiel

Pharmacy Manager
Alex Kincaid

Human Resources Manager
Tim McCracken

Produce Manager
Greg Kimmel

Inventory Manager
Tim Mulligan

Seafood Manager
John Shafer

Aisles Online Manager
Stephanie McKenna

Assistant Manager of Health & Home
Lindsay DeLong

Aisles Online Manager
Skylar Sheker

Hy-Chi Manager
Michael Hsu

Bakery Manager
Shawn Jones

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