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Store Management

District Store Director

Jake Scheitler

Assistant Manager Perishables
Jacob Boesel

Meat Market Manager
Steve Reedy

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Bree Rasmussen

Pharmacy Manager
Samantha Renfro

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Adam Scheer

Produce Manager
Steven Bader

Kristina Swanson

Wine & Spirits Manager
Jon Evans

Human Resource Manager
Lora Saffold

Food Service Director
Brian Caballero

Aisles Online Manager
Anora Martin

Assistant Manager of Health, Wellness and Home
Evan Smegal

Bakery Manager
Filipp Tychina

Fast & Fresh Manager
Bobbie Jo Snook

Delicatessen Manager
Gary Cizadlo

Mia Pizza Manager
Nick Schopf

HealthMarket Manager
Logan Bongaarts

Store Manager
Mike Erickson

Market Grille Manager
Julio Pineda Arroyo

Hy-Chi Manager
Ley Kong

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