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Store Management

Store Director

Adam Lindsey

Assistant Manager
Gary Brown

Floral Manager
Diane Rupiper

Assistant Manager
Drew Hoyt

Frozen Foods Manager
Cliff McFarland

Assistant Manager
Linda Jensen

Meat Market Manager
Nicholas Schmitz

Assistant Manager
Ron Lenz

Pharmacy Manager
Kristen Sample

Dan G'Sell

Produce Manager
Andrew Buckley

Amber Massey

Starbucks Manager
Lisa Tigges

Certified Wine Specialist
Phyllis Lawler

Wine & Spirits Manager
Asa Hoffman

Human Resource Manager
Lonnie Miller

Assistant Director Store Operations
Gary Jensen

Product Manager
Mike Studebaker

Assistant Director Perishables
Kevin Brincks

Bakery Manager
Harold Nadler

Food Service Director
Joe Vesterfelt

Dairy Manager
Joe Railsback

Assistant Director Health, Wellness and Home
Jerry Havermann

Delicatessen Manager
Rose Railsback

Assistant Director Health, Wellness and Home
Heidi Manken

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