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Store Management

Store Manager

Kaci Mier

District Store Director

Jake Dimmit

Co-Store Manager

Dave Mier

Co-Store Manager

Dee Scott

Assistant Manager General Merchandise
Derek Pederson

Frozen Foods Manager
Derek Olson

Assistant Manager Perishables
Derek Pederson

HealthMarket Manager
Elena King

Assistant Manager Perishables
Pierre Sadaka

Meat Service Manager
David Card

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Colleen Schuster

Pharmacy Manager
Kyle McNett

Accounting Coordinator
Jackie Kevitt

Produce Manager
Alex Lines

Human Resource Manager
Paul Wiskur

Seafood Manager
Cody Kigin

Product Manager
Eric Klompenhower

Starbucks Manager
Crystal Martinez

Bakery Manager
Camille Peterson

Wine & Spirits Manager
Bill Gelow

Clothing Manager
Annette Schwartz

Aisles Online Manager
Sara Bailey

Delicatessen Manager
Jeff Gardner

Assistant Manager E-Commerce
Tracie Hyde

Floral Manager
Jolie Lillie

Hy-Chi Manager
Savorn Chhem

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