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Store Management

Store Manager

Beau Van Gelder

District Store Director

Kels Morrissey

Assistant Manager Perishables
Tabitha Gadson

HealthMarket Manager
Brian Mess

Assistant Manager Perishables
Ben Kerzman

Meat Market Manager
Chad Wicklander

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Bryce Olson

Pharmacy Manager
Wes Teresiak

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Justin Schmidt

Produce Manager
Jon Fechter

Catering Manager
To Be Named

Seafood Manager
Bill McGouirk

Human Resource Manager
Lora Saffold

Wine & Spirits Manager
Kevin Hanuman

Aisles Online Manager
Jodi Johnson

Food Service Director
Athena Fisher

Product Manager
Marc Hughes

Assistant Manager of Health, Wellness and Home
Chris Bahl

Bakery Manager
Brittany Finberg

Starbucks Drive Thru Manager
Jenn Tomsich

Clothing Manager
Kacie Castillo

Fast & Fresh Manager
Scott Piepho

Delicatessen Manager
Skylie Eisel

Assistant Manager E-Commerce
David Kimber

Floral Manager
Ashley Bowe

Hy-Chi Manager
Tom Wu

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