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Store Management

Store Manager

Mike Haiar

District Store Director

Dale Mitchell

Manager General Merchandise
Sarah Salgado

Delicatessen Manager
Becky Ghea

Manager Perishables
Joe Schoener

Floral Manager
Lisa Horton

Manager Store Operations
Derek Reed

Frozen Foods Manager
Oscar Norstrom

Accounting Coordinator
Kay Green

Fuel Station Manager
Shawn Holbrook

Accounting Manager
Kay Green

HealthMarket Manager
Brian Collette

Human Resource Manager
Brent Frady

Meat Market Manager
Lane Christophersen

Inventory Manager

Pharmacy Manager
Mardell Stuerman

Store Technology Manager
Dave Arnold

Produce Manager
Tristen Heimgartner

Bakery Manager
Mike Seydel

Seafood Manager
Justin Higginbotham

Bank Manager
Alisha Lourens

Starbucks Manager
Mia Japel

Dairy Manager
Oscar Norstrom

Food Service Manager
Kendra Kline

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