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Store Management

Store Director

Frozen Foods Manager
Bryan Hooper

Manager General Merchandise
Derek DeLancey

HealthMarket Manager
Janie Johnson

Manager General Merchandise
Lizzy Hall

Italian Express Manager
Sarina Fischer

Manager Store Operations
Chris Jennings

Kitchen Manager
Matt Scott

Catering Manager
Angel Robles

Meat Market Manager
Timothy Sherwood

Jamie Young, RD, LD

Pharmacy Manager
Nicole Ludwig

Human Resources Manager
Disha Johnson

Produce Manager
Dan Dobbs

Product Manager
Anita Schlagle

Seafood Manager
Alex Fitzgerel

Chinese Express Manager
Hung Chau

Sushi Manager
Zaheir Hamchaoui

Convenience Store Manager
Greg Kelley

Wine & Spirits Manager
Randy Dillon

Dairy Manager
Jerrod Wells

Customer Experience Director
Renee Walz

Delicatessen Manager
Shelby Warren

Assistant Director Perishables
Brian Meyer

Floral Manager
Lynn Kelley

Bakery Manager
Maddie Endicott

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