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Store Management

District Store Director

Jeremy Pitt

Manager General Merchandise
Nolan Siemonsma

Night Stock Manager
Ryan Bowman

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Jerry Hunter

Pharmacy Manager
Stephanie Conover

Accounting Manager
Pam Porter

Produce Manager
Josh Koehler

Backroom Manager
Ryan Vulgamott

Starbucks Manager
Kit Ostaseski

Catering Manager
Pam Curtis

Wine & Spirits Manager
Pat Meisinger

Food Service General Manager
Melissa Roth

Store Manager
Megan Yeager

Human Resource Manager
Aaron Spracklin

Service Manager
Cheryl Chatterton

Product Manager
Jon Matthews

Service Manager
Makayla Cook

Bakery Manager
Mark Mascarello

Service Manager
Dimari Livingston

Floral Manager
Misty Bickler

Aisles Online Manager
Kris Cook

Meat Service Manager
Shane Nicks

Fast & Fresh Manager
Eric Fountain

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