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Store Management

Assistant Manager General Merchandise
John Hupke

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Candace Helgeson

Assistant Manager Perishables
Corbin Hopkins

Meat Market Manager
Jeff Buss

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Patrick Hopkins

Pharmacy Manager
Christopher Barr

Certified Wine Specialist
Keith Miller

Produce Manager
Jess Ramirez

Human Resource Manager
Carlie Nordhues

Seafood Manager
John Rebensdorf

Product Manager
Darren Apfel

Wine & Spirits Manager
Keith Miller

Bakery Manager
Alicia Kuester

General Merchandise Manager
Candace Helgeson

Convenience Store Manager
Kathi Foltz

Food Service Director
Robert Sweeney

Dairy Manager

Store Manager
Jesse Romero

Delicatessen Manager
Jodi Wright

District Store Director
Greg Rottinghaus

Floral Manager
Amanda Kurpgeweit

Hy-Chi Manager
MaElena Romero

Frozen Foods Manager
Adam Koeppe

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