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Andrea Miller

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Andrea Miller

Andrea Miller, RD, CD, earned her Bachelor of Science degree in community-medical dietetics from Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin. She has over 19 years of experience as a registered dietitian, providing medical nutrition therapy in various hospital, clinic and community settings. Andrea can help you use food and nutrition to prevent or manage various health conditions, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight management, weight loss surgery preparation and recovery, diabetes, heart disease, and food allergies and intolerances. Andrea also completed the CDR Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management (September 2004) and the CDR Certificate of Training in Intuitive Eating (May 2011), and uses successful counseling techniques to help improve eating behaviors and relationship with food. Andrea is passionate about connecting knowing with doing. She will help you put your knowledge into action to improve your overall health making your life easier, healthier and happier.

Andrea’s contact information:
Office Phone: (608) 277-6733
Email: [email protected]

Andrea's office is between the Pharmacy and Wine & Spirits department at the Hy-Vee store on Whitney Way in Madison.

Services include:

Personal Shopping Assistance & General Nutrition Advice
Walk-in or by appointment - no fee
Do you have nutrition recommendations from your doctor or the dietitian you saw in the clinic? Maybe you read a news article, or saw a food promoted on Dr. Oz. Stop in and talk with Andrea, to put this information into action! Andrea is available for personalized shopping assistance, to answer your nutrition questions, or to ask her advice on a particular food or recipe.

Group Shopping and Store Tours
By appointment - no fee
Pick the theme, schedule a date and time and bring your group. Andrea will provide a general tour of the store layout, or advise you on foods to fit your group’s needs. Andrea often meets with fitness groups, classrooms learning about food and nutrition, community groups and Scout troops. Each tour can be customized, along with Q & A along the way. Most tours last 45 minutes to one hour.

Home-Made Meal Workshops
Let us help you make more meal at home! We do the shopping and prep the ingredients. You put together the meal kits at the store, and finish cooking them at home when you're ready for a fresh home-cooked meal. Register online to hold your spot by visiting our Calendar of Events, click here to take you there now: In each calendar entry the meals and prices for the month will be listed.

You will pay in-store after the session. Arrive any time during the time slot you register for. All meals will come with cooking instructions, noting fresh items you may need to purchase for the day of cooking. Meals make at least 4 to 6 servings.
All meals are freezer-friendly. New meals each month, prices vary based on the meals.

Private Meal Workshops
Contact Andrea directly to set up your own private Home-Made Meals session, with six or more friends, family or colleagues. You'll arrange a day and time with Andrea and choose from the month's meals. Each person can choose which meals they would like from the list provided. Food, drink and snacks can be added to make it a fun day or night out!

Build-Your-Own Cooking Class
By appointment - fee varies (based on number and age of participants, and food prepared)
Make it fun with food! Plan an outing with your colleagues, friends or family. Great for birthday parties, or just a great reason to get together. Andrea will help you plan the theme and will provide recipe ideas to choose from. Cooking classes are held in our spacious Club Room, with a full kitchen and plenty of space for preparation and tasting. Wine & Spirits pairing can be included for adult groups.

Metabolic Testing
By appointment - $50, you need to be at least 4 hours fasting prior to this visit.
Andrea uses the MetaCheck™ Metabolic Analyzer to provide you with the objective information used to understand your metabolic (caloric) needs. The short (8-15 minutes) breathing test will measure your volume of oxygen and identify a calorie level for weight gain, weight maintenance or weight loss. This test is performed in our consultation room right next to the Pharmacy. Andrea will review your individualized results, and assist you in establishing your next steps to help you achieve your goals. This analysis is great for people getting starting with weight loss, athletes, or those that may have reached a weight plateau. For more information on the MetaCheck™ machine used, you can visit

Body Composition Analysis
Walk-in or by appointment - $20
Andrea uses the Tanita Body Composition Scale to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your weight. The results include total weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, fat mass, fat-free mass and total body water. Tanita utilizes a patented “food to foot” pressure contact electrode Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technique.

Healthy Weight Package
By appointment - $250.00 (2-person buddy-price $375)
This series of visits is for the customer interested in accountability to help achieve healthy weight loss, maintenance or improve body composition. This package includes an initial metabolic test and a body composition analysis at each visit.  The one-on-one visits with Andrea will be focused on your metabolism and individual needs, while including assistance with meal planning and grocery shopping. Andrea will help you balance calorie and nutrient awareness while honoring your hunger and fullness cues. This series includes 8 sessions.

Worksite Wellness Programs
On-site or in our Club Room - fees vary (based on location, time and services included)
Include Andrea in your next worksite wellness program or employee nutrition event! She will come to your place of business, or you can bring your employees to the store for a wellness retreat. Andrea will present nutrition information in a way that will empower your employees to make positive lifestyle changes. Several topics to choose from are available, as well as customized options to fit your group’s needs. Biometric screening options also available, including cholesterol, blood sugar, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, body composition analysis and metabolic testing. Handouts, resources and samples are typically included with presentations and events.

Biometric Health Screening
By appointment - $45, you need to be at least 10 hours fasting prior to this visit.
Health prevention is key to living well and a biometric assessment by your Hy-Vee dietitian Andrea, will help you stay on top of your health. The screening includes identification of your cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, waist circumference, body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage. Andrea will review all of your numbers for you, and provide you with guidance in moving forward.

Meal Solutions
Online and in-store - no fee
For online resources, start by visiting Click on 'Recipes & Ideas' at the top of the screen. From there you will find an extensive recipe database, meal ideas and information on special diets (gluten-free, low-sodium, diabetes and heart-healthy). Andrea also has nutrition education brochures available in-store; check out the Dietitian kiosk between her office and the Pharmacy.

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Wellness Services

Event Schedule
Wellness Wednesday

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Shop your Whitney Way Hy-Vee and save 10% on all HealthMarket items every Wednesday. The dietitian will be in the department today answering your health and wellness questions.

Diabetes Nutrition Walk

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Join the store dietitian for a nutrition walk related to diabetes- no fee. Register to hold your spot. Meet at the dietitian's office (between the Pharmacy and Wine & Spirits) the day of your tour. All sessions in January are related to diabetes.

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