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Tim Freed

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Tim Freed has worked professionally as a chef since 2001. He has previously worked in banquet centers, catering businesses, hotels and restaurants serving in various positions, including banquet chef, sous chef and executive chef. He has a vast knowledge of food, and his favorite cuisines are German, regional American, authentic Italian and Mediterranean. Fresh seafood, cheeses, sauces, heritage produce and game meats are some of Chef Tim’s favorite foods. He joined Peru Hy-Vee in 2011, bringing his extensive knowledge of food, cuisines and skills to share with the staff and customers.

His great love for cooking goes back to his childhood, giving credit to his two grandmothers who taught him how to cook and bake; it was their love for food that inspired him to become a chef. He enjoys sharing his passion by teaching others that fabulous food doesn’t have to be complicated. While having been trained as a chef, Tim believes that a hands-on experience in the kitchen with family and friends is the best way to learn and have fun. Chef Tim also instructs culinary classes for the continuing education department at Illinois Valley Community College, located in the neighboring town of Oglesby.

Services provided by Chef Tim include:

Custom catering and party menus: Chef Tim will sit down with you and plan a custom-made menu to fit your needs and tastes. Whether it’s for a family gathering, wedding or business meeting, Chef Tim will create a meal that will be remembered and envied by your guests! Fees vary. Call 815-223-5219 to schedule a meeting.

Personal shopping assistance: Make an appointment with Chef Tim and take a walk through the Peru Hy-Vee to find outstanding foods in every aisle. Get help with meal suggestions, recipes and tips for your culinary needs. Call 815-223-5219 to schedule a visit.

Meal planning: Looking to spice up your meals at home with your family and friends? Chef Tim will meet with you and discuss your family’s eating habits, frequent meals and food favorites, and create new ideas for meals your family will love!

Cooking questions/tips: Chef Tim is always available to assist customers with questions during their shopping visit at Peru Hy-Vee. Just ask for Chef Tim!