14 Smart Twists on Hy-Vee Baked Goods for Mother's Day

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14 Smart Twists on Hy-Vee Baked Goods for Mother's Day

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Hy-Vee croissant stuffed with berries and cream


May 9 2018


What else can you do with all those fresh-baked baguettes, croissants, artisan loaves, and donuts? Here's a few ideas. 

  1. Turn Banana Bread into French Toast

    Once you try French toast with Hy-Vee banana bread, there's no going back. 

  2. Turn a Loaf of Vienna Artisan Bread into Custom Bread Puddings

    With a loaf of Hy-Vee Vienna artisan bread and a few pantry ingredients, you can make personal bread puddings for the family.

  3. Turn Angel Food Cake into a Berry Saucy Dessert

    Hy-Vee Angel Food Cakes sell like hot cakes in the summer. This light and low-calorie recipe is just one of the reasons we love them so much. 

  4. Turn Bakery Bagels into Petite & Sweet Bacon-y Bites

    A brilliant use for Bakery-fresh bagels, check out this 5 ingredient recipe using Hy-Vee Hickory House bacon marmalade spread. 

  5. Turn Hy-Vee Baking Stone French Bread into a Peaches & Cream Bake

    Peaches and cream are already great on their own, but combine them with French toast? Now you're talking.

  6. Turn Mini Croissants into Stuffed French Toast

    Croissants are good for more than chicken salad. Check out this fresh idea using orange-infused whipped cream. 

  7. Turn Bakery Bagels into a Savory Gourmet App or Entree

    For the brunch or lunch hour, this 15-minute recipe can easily be doubled or tripled to serve a small crowd.

  8. Turn Donuts into the Best-Ever Breakfast Casserole

    One of our favorite takes on french toast: donut french toast. Because donuts are delicious. 

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  9. Turn Whole Grain Bakery Bread into "Fancy Toast"

    If you're a fan of whatever's quickest and easiest, these Tomato Toasts have your name on it. 

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  10. Turn Hy-Vee Bakery Italian Bread into Smoke Gouda Strata

    An easy make-ahead recipe, this Bacon and Cheese strata is even better if it's assembled the night before and baked in the morning. 

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  11. Turn French Baguettes into an Impressive Berry-Almond Bake

    This inexpensive star ingredient is literally transformed into a magnificent breakfast beauty. 

  12. Turn Hy-Vee Italian Bread into a Buttery, Brown Sugary Breakfast Bake

    The best part about this otherwise straight-forward recipe is the layer of hidden caramel sauce that comes together underneath the French toast. 

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  13. Turn Donuts into Even Better Donuts

    It's amazing how a little jam and berries can take a donut from tasty to extraordinary.  

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  14. Turn Hy-Vee Baking Stone Rye Bread into a Tennessee-Style Bread Pudding

    Put rye bread to really good use. This bread puddings gets a double dose of bourbon; some for the bread base, and just a hint in the glaze.

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