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Pharmacy FAQ and Info

Here are some common questions relating to managing your prescriptions online. If you have additional questions please don't hesitate to call your pharmacy.

Verify Identity

  1. Why do I need to verify my identity when signing up for a pharmacy account?
    • For your protection, your responses are only used for verification and nothing else. This information is not shared, sold, or used for any purpose other than to verify your identity and protect your account. The questions are generated from IDology, an identity verification company dedicated to fraud prevention.
  2. What should I do if I cannot pass the Identity Verification?
    • You will need to stop into a Hy-Vee pharmacy and provide your date of birth and last name.

Refill Prescriptions

  1. If I create a Hy-Vee Pharmacy account online, will I still be able to call in refills?
    • Yes, you can choose whichever method is convenient for you for refilling.
  2. Can I refill a prescription for a family member?
    • You can refill prescriptions for an adult, child, or yourself with Family Accounts
    • You will need to verify your identity prior to managing your family's prescriptions.
    • If either the adult or child has been added to your pharmacy account, you can simply select the prescription you want to refill

View Prescription Status

  1. How do I view the prescription status?
    • When you sign into your My Hy-Vee account and navigate to My Pharmacy Home, you’ll see prescription status for you and any of your family members you are managing. Prescriptions appear on this screen if they fall into one of the statuses:
      • In Progress
      • Ready for Pick Up
      • Picked-Up

Get Notified

Did you know we'll text you when your prescription is ready? To get Pharmacy text alerts, simply provide your cell phone number to you Hy-Vee Pharmacy staff and then text HVALLOW to 35244.

Contact-Free Delivery

  1. Do all Hy-Vee Pharmacy locations offer delivery?
    • Delivery options may vary by location. Please contact your store for more information.
  2. Are all prescriptions eligible for delivery?
    • Not all prescriptions are eligible. Controlled substances and medications that require refrigeration may not be able to be delivered. Call your Hy-Vee Pharmacy for details.
  3. Will my insurance plan affect the eligibility of my order being delivered?
    • Delivery is not available for some insurance and benefit plans. Call your Hy-Vee Pharmacy for details to check eligibility for your prescription delivery.

View Statement Report

  1. How can I obtain a prescription summary for myself or a family member?
    1. When you sign into your My Hy-Vee account and navigate to My Pharmacy Home
    2. Select “Order History & Reports” from the left navigation
    3. Choose the family member and appropriate date range and select “View Report”

Ship To Home

  1. What is Hy-Vee Pharmacy ship to home?
    • Hy-Vee Pharmacy now offers a convenient, ship-to-home service that enables us to mail your prescription directly to your front door.
  2. Are all prescriptions available for ship to home?
    • Most prescriptions are eligible for ship to home. However, some prescriptions such as controlled substances and temperature-controlled medications may be ineligible for this service. For more details, please contact your Hy-Vee pharmacist.
  3. How do I request my prescription be shipped to me?
    • You will need to speak to a member of your Hy-Vee Pharmacy staff and ask for your prescriptions to be shipped to you.
  4. Will I receive a notification that my prescription has been shipped?
    • You will need to provide a valid email address to your Hy-Vee Pharmacy, which will enable you to receive an email with your prescription shipment tracking number and your copay amount.
  5. How soon will I receive my prescription?
    • Most prescriptions will arrive 3-5 business days after the order has been placed.
  6. Can I have my prescription shipped to my out-of-state address?
    • Please contact your local Hy-Vee Pharmacy for details.
  7. How do I pay for my prescription?
    • You will pay your local Hy-Vee Pharmacy as you have in the past.
  8. How do I transfer my prescription from another pharmacy to a Hy-Vee Pharmacy?
    • You can contact any Hy-Vee Pharmacy location and request a transfer. Our pharmacy staff will take care of the details.
  9. Can I continue to pick up my medication at my local Hy-Vee Pharmacy?
    • Yes, you can still continue to pick up your medication at your local Hy-Vee Pharmacy.
  10. Can I return a prescription?
    • Prescription drugs cannot be returned for credit.

Upload Insurance Card

From a Desktop Web Browser
  • Click the Upload icon.
  • Click Choose Photos.
  • Select your Photo.
  • Click Upload.
From iOS
  • Tap on the camera icon.
  • This will take you to your iOS Albums. (You can also long press on the camera icon to go directly to your albums).
  • Find the photo you want to upload, tap on one, and then tap Done.
  • You're all done!
From Android
  • Tap on the camera icon.
  • This will take you to your Albums.
  • Find the photo you want to upload, tap on one, and then tap Done.
  • You're all done!