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Store Management

Store Director

Nate Fehl

Manager Perishables
Phuong Ngo

Garden Center Manager
Riley Ayala

Manager Store Operations
Riley Davidson

General Merchandise Manager
Amanda Clingman

Accounting Manager
Cindy Oehlert

HealthMarket Manager
Amanda Clingman

Human Resource Manager
Dianne Coates

Meat Market Manager
Bill Taylor

Product Manager
Greg Day

Pharmacy Manager
Jeff Bates

Receiving Manager
Ron Fridley

Produce Manager
Jon Duff

Bakery Manager
Sandra Fridley

Starbucks Manager
Esther Lehman

Delicatessen Manager
Kasey Marron

Wine & Spirits Manager
Beth Middleton

Floral Manager
Audrey Miller

Store Manager
Bea Cisler

Food Court Manager
Bobby Patrick

Aisles Online Manager
Typhanie Mahlstadt

Fuel Station Manager
Randy Vandello

Hy-Chi Manager
Phuc Trinh

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