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Store Management

Store Director

Kevin Mills

Manager General Merchandise
Mark Shanahan

Dairy Manager
Roger Luing

Manager Perishables
Kevin Kisling

Delicatessen Manager
Nino Reyes

Manager Perishables
Kels Morrissey

Floral Manager
Jodi Headrick

Manager Store Operations
Liz McMahon

Frozen Foods Manager
Scott Janvrin

Manager Store Operations
Matt Pacha

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Lyle Hundertmark

Assistant Manager General Merchandise
Amy Strode

HealthMarket Manager
Nathan Joy

Catering and Special Events Coordinator
Katie Boughey

Kitchen Manager
Scott Meineke

Catering and Special Events Coordinator
Gie Gingery

Meat Market Manager
Alan Widener

Certified Wine Specialist
Kevin Weber

Meat Service Manager
Joe Kitten

Customer Service Manager
Jai Millen

Pharmacy Manager
Brittany Bruce

Katie Squires

Produce Manager
Kent Allen

Human Resource Manager
Bill Detweiler

Salad Bar Manager
Bart Spiehs

Bakery Manager
Jason Prusa

Seafood Manager
Bob Buchele

Bank Manager
Steph Stanley

Starbucks Manager
Amanda Werner

Chinese Express Manager
John Mohmand

Wine & Spirits Manager
Kevin Weber

Convenience Store Manager
Kyle Rehm

Mia Pizza Manager
John Segovia

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