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Store Management

Manager General Merchandise
Brenda Mutizhe

Frozen Foods Manager
Bill Brence

Manager Perishables
Mindy Thayer

General Merchandise Manager
Collette Sigala

Manager Perishables
Katie VanHoozer

HealthMarket Manager
Morgan Hoffschneider

Manager Store Operations
Rob Safford

Meat Market Manager
Darrin Woods

Accounting Manager
Angela Ferdinand

Pharmacy Manager
Steph Meyer

Catering Manager
Mark Linsky

Produce Manager
Ruben Sigala

Human Resources Manager
Julie Kaup

Seafood Manager
Angie Hatridge

Inventory Manager
Christina Schlautman

Starbucks Manager
Kyle Watson

Bakery Manager
Kevin Rudick

Wine & Spirits Manager
Mandi Carden

Chinese Express Manager
Hung Tran

Food Service Director
Mark Linsky

Dairy Manager
Ryan Hackworth

Pricing and Data Analyst
Derek Mathis

Floral Manager
Cindy Fitzgerald

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