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Store Management

Store Manager

Brett Gates

District Store Director

Randy Ritts

Assistant Manager Perishables
Robby Deyo

HealthMarket Manager
Laurie Heimerman

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Rich Ness

Master Gardener
Mary Kubes

Backroom Manager
Todd Altman

Meat Market Manager
Joseph Hardy

Customer Service Manager
Amy Gustafson

Pharmacy Manager
Jessica Grassmann

Human Resources Manager
Crystal Java

Produce Manager
Jordan Cirksena

Aisles Online Manager
Angela Erb

Seafood Manager
Richard Thomas

Bakery Manager
Al Duchene

Wine & Spirits Manager
Kevin Luckow

Caribou Coffee Manager
Mary Kubes

Assistant Manager of Health, Wellness and Home
Daniel Pimentel

Dairy/Frozen Manager
Jay Johnson

Fast & Fresh Manager
Laura Roush

Delicatessen Manager
Jennilynn Marshall

Food Service Manager
Dani Krenik

General Merchandise Manager
Diane Stensrude

Hy-Chi Manager
Jonathon Sasada

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