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Store Management

District Store Director

Brandon Lampkin

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Spencer Decker

Meat Market Manager
Steve Delacruz

Staff Pharmacist
Zackery Colgrove

Pharmacy Manager
Haylin Huang Maisenbacher

Staff Pharmacist
Brandi McClanahan

Produce Manager
Lee Anderson

Accounting Coordinator
Robin Dau

Seafood Manager
Matt Bera

Backroom Manager
Troy Huber

Starbucks Manager
Kit Ostaseski

Catering Manager
Melissa Rossell McCullough

Wine & Spirits Manager
Jacob Woodward

Customer Care Education Manager
Meredith Nelson

Fast & Fresh Manager
Jeremy Odem

Human Resource Manager
Melissa Hodgson

Mia Pizza Manager
Christine Holland

Bakery Manager
Mike Mangiamelli

Store Manager
Brendan Plisek

Delicatessen Manager
Tess Joy

Food Service Manager
Ben Wikoff

Floral Manager
Lisa Zulkoski

Pricing and Data Analyst
Nathan Hodgson

General Merchandise Manager
Theresa Patterson

Assistant Manager of Health and Wellness
Ben Williams

HealthMarket Manager
Jessica Springer

Assistant Manager E-Commerce
Kaitlie Ross

Health/Beauty/Cosmetics Manager
Kathy McCoy

Hy-Chi Manager
Lily Li

Market Grille Manager
Chip Holland

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