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Store Management

Store Director

Gerad Curry

Store Manager

Chantell Balk

Assistant Manager General Merchandise
Miguel Luna

Night Stock Manager
Tobiah Totz

Assistant Manager Perishables
Jeff Guillaume

Pharmacy Manager
Heather Teresiak

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Todd Axland

Produce Manager
Shannon Ford

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Kate Stark

Seafood Manager
Timothy Frank

Human Resource Manager
Mary Alexander

Starbucks Manager
Diana Phonseya

Product Manager
Kala Ellingboe

Wine & Spirits Manager
Brenda Stoehr

Asian Express Manager
Gandi Chiang

Food Service Director
Laura Ostrem

Delicatessen Manager
Michele Soucy

Mia Pizza Manager
Collette Gates

Floral Manager
Kathryn Taylor

Bakery Manager
Sonja Colello

Market Grille Manager
Kristina Soyring

Fast & Fresh Manager
Kory Larsen

Meat Market Manager
Amanda Symons

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