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Store Management

Store Director

Jim Simmons

Store Director
Jim Simmons

Floral Manager
Candace Dutcher

Assistant Director
Brittany Steinwand

Frozen Foods Manager
Tom Freitag

Manager General Merchandise
Julie Ruggiero

Fuel Station Manager
Meredith Pierce

Perishables Manager
Sara Bartow

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Jackson Killday

Backroom Manager
Brian Washington

Kitchen Manager
Tony Deaver

Certified Wine Specialist
Jim Leyden

Meat Market Manager
Brendan James

Certified Wine Specialist
Jon Rieck

Personal Shopper
Brenda Eggebrecht

Jennifer M. Tveitnes, RD,LD

Pharmacy Manager
Toni Doster

Food Service General Manager
Jim Leyden

Produce Manager
Trevor Thompson

Human Resource Manager
Laura Bowen

Seafood Manager
Ben Drummond

Inventory Control Specialist
Michael Kelley

Starbucks Manager
Wayne Werkmeister

Bakery Manager
Dennis Hixson

Wine & Spirits Manager
Jon Rieck

Chinese Express Manager
James Zheng

Customer Experience Director
Laura Bowen

Dairy Manager
Mike Hardy

Mia Pizza Manager
Randy Clark

Delicatessen Manager
Kaitlyn Long

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