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Store Management

Store Manager

Casey Langseth

District Store Director

Joe Stupka

Assistant Manager Perishables
Sarah Bushkamp

Frozen Foods Manager
Josiah Coblentz

Assistant Manager Perishables
Jake Sherlock

Fuel Station Manager
Max Dains

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Jesse Barber

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Shawn Sterner

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Miriam Elossais

HealthMarket Manager
Amanda Moennich

Catering Coordinator
Madysen Ganka

Meat Service Manager
Kevin Gries

Julie Gallagher

Pharmacy Manager
Albert McFadden

Food Service General Manager
Robert Engle

Produce Manager
Doug Weinard

Human Resources Manager
Rachel Leist

Seafood Manager
Dennis Frauenholz

Product Manager
Haley Ewolt

Starbucks Manager
Audrey Porth

Bakery Manager
Danyelle Whaley

Wine & Spirits Manager
Jeremy Dehague

Asian Express Manager
Ray Na

Assistant Manager of Health, Wellness and Home
Clay Howard

Floral Manager
Alisa Hershberger

Assistant Manager E-Commerce
Shelbie McLaughlin

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