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Store Management

Store Director
Jeff Mallory

Frozen Foods Manager
Josiah Coblentz

Assistant Store Director
Randy Johnson

Fuel Station Manager
Max Dains

Manager Store Operations
Wesley Dunn

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Tasia Miggins

Assistant Manager Perishables
Chris Streit

Market Grille Manager
Mathew Whaley

Backroom Manager
David Raffensperger

Meat Market Manager
Jarrod Kauffman

Catering Manager
Rachael Sneddon

Pharmacy Manager
James Kay

Customer Service Manager
Kay Hagen

Produce Manager
Doug Weinard

Julie Gallagher

Salad Bar Manager
Amanda Moennich

Human Resource Manager
Shawn Robinson

Seafood Manager
Dennis Frauenholz

Product Manager
Joshua Frank

Starbucks Manager
Britney Fry

Bakery Manager
Danyelle Whaley

Wine & Spirits Manager
Jeremy Dehague

Asian Express Manager
Zhonglei Na

General Merchandise Manager
Mickey Parson

Dairy Manager
Austin Bryant

Food Service Director
Alex Korrish

Delicatessen Manager
Dan Chappo

Assistant Manager of Health, Wellness and Home
Shauna Abrams

Floral Manager
Chad Rummel

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