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Store Management

Store Manager

Mike Graham

District Store Director

Ryan Parkhurst

Assistant Manager General Merchandise
Kerry Reed

Delicatessen Manager
Ben Kelly

Assistant Manager Perishables
Caitlin Rod

Floral Manager
Ashley Dimmitt

Assistant Manager Perishables
David Whipple

HealthMarket Manager
Sema Binay

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Austin Purdy

Market Grille Manager
Mark Cichoski

Accounting Manager
Marissa Spike

Meat Market Manager
Milton Menendez-Gonzalez

Backroom Manager
Mike Fischbach

Pharmacy Manager
Shoua Xiong

Human Resource Manager
Robin Kelly

Produce Manager
Vinny Gee

Product Manager
Rob Teeple

Seafood Manager
Terry Vang

Bakery Manager
Robert Saladin

Starbucks Manager
Ian Leach

Asian Express Manager
Precious Yang

Food Service Director
Antonio Bugg

Coffee Shop Manager
Gabe Gravert

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