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Store Management

Store Director

Travis Wirth

Beth Barber, RD, LD

Kitchen Manager
Ryan Theesfeld

Human Resource Manager
Jade Pint

Meat Market Manager
Chad Christiansen

Product Manager
Joe Weber

Pharmacy Manager
Katie Callahan

Bakery Manager
Hayley Sweet

Produce Manager
Ricky Widmar

Caribou Coffee Manager
Rhonda Mastain

Seafood/Service Meat Manager
Jacob Sherwood

Dairy Manager
Ryan Letterman

Wine & Spirits Manager
Tracy Hahn

Frozen Foods Manager
Ryan Letterman

Assistant Director Store Operations
Ray Burks

Fuel Station Manager
Brian Brunsen

Assistant Director Perishables
Kelly Burns

HealthMarket Manager
Janet Ludolph

Assistant Director Health, Wellness and Home
Jennifer Lampe

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