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Store Management

Store Director

Jack Stortenbecker

Store Manager

Jason Lovely

Assistant Manager General Merchandise
Adam Scheer

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Mark Haugstad

Assistant Manager Perishables
Pete Korkowski

HealthMarket Manager
Danielle Anderson

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Julie Staber

Meat Market Manager
Jon Hamilton

Accounting Coordinator
Stephanie Chilstrom

Night Stock Manager
Matt Johnson

Customer Service Manager
Kelsey Schmeichel

Pharmacy Manager
Ian Bakewell, Pharm D

Human Resource Manager
Jay Saccone

Produce Manager
Alex Chambers

Product Manager
Alex Gee

Seafood Manager
Joel Logeais

Convenience Store Manager
Zoey Petty

Wine & Spirits Manager
Ryan Holleran

Delicatessen Manager
Pam Wittman

Food Service Director
Cordell Richardson

Floral Manager
Melissa Gilmore

Store Manager
Orlando Washington

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