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Store Management

Store Director

Tally Mertes

Assistant Manager Perishables
Andrew Ochsner

Floral Manager
Michelle Beeson

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Ryan Rech

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Shelby Buchholz

Catering Manager
Jen Garcia

HealthMarket Manager
Matt Comstock

Certified Wine Specialist
Sara Spillane

Assistant Kitchen Manager
Jeremy Meyer

Charcuterie Specialist
Nick McGee

Meat Market Manager
Scott Bouchard

Cheese Specialist
Twyla Carson

Pharmacy Manager
Katie Kiscoan

Cheese Specialist
Nick McGee

Produce Manager
C J Hill

Human Resource Manager
Brian Kempkes

Seafood Manager
Justin Wacker

Aisles Online Manager
Tina Gipe

Wine & Spirits Manager
Sara Spillane

Store Accounting Coordinator Manager
Julie Hendrix

Beauty Manager
Jen Connor

Bakery Manager
Adam Devos

Store Manager
Jon Johnson

Caribou Coffee Manager
Sara Lease

Food Service Manager
Derek Mathis

Clothing Manager
Jill Magers

Assistant Manager of Health and Wellness
Cody Gill

Convenience Store Manager
Dave Baker

Assistant Manager E-Commerce
Justin Hillebran

Delicatessen Manager
Jackie Bregg

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