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May Dietitian's Pick - Good Graces

May Pick of the month

Reasons to Choose Good Graces

  • Affordable - The budget-friendly offerings exclusive to Hy-Vee provide high-quality, gluten-free products at an affordable price, which helps make a gluten-free diet more attainable for customers.
  • Accessible - With a selection of more than 90 gluten-free products and an additional 60 more products in development, this expansive product line ensures gluten-free eating is accessible and affordable for everyone. Customers can shop in-store for products or shop online using our new service WholeLotta Good
  • Family Friendly - Products include family favorites like pizza, breaded chicken nuggets, pasta, soups, oatmeal and baking mixes that make incorporating gluten-free eating easy (and tasty!) for everyone in the family.
Reduce Food Waste

Leftovers are a great way to use foods in your fridge that otherwise would go to waste. Try to plan one meal per week that involves leftovers.

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