8 Desserts for Every Kind of Health Personality

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8 Desserts for Every Kind of Health Personality

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November 27 2019


Inspired by all the amazing products in the HealthMarket department at Hy-Vee, we collected dessert recipes for a variety of common diets. Here you'll find sweet treats that are vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly, or low in sugar.

And if you'd like to make them organic, look for our line of Full Circle products throughout the HealthMarket.

  1. No Added Sugar

    For this two-toned treat, we used Lily's dark chocolate baking chips. Look for this low-sugar chocolate the next time your browsing through the HealthMarket.

  2. Vegan

    Finding vegan baking ingredients can be tricky. So when in doubt, reach for Enjoy Life. This allergy-friendly and vegan line has everything from chocolate chip cookies to baking mixes. We like to crumble the cookies over our vegan banana split.

    For more great vegan recipes, check out our Vegan & Vegetarian cooking guide.

  3. Protein & Fiber

    We know how tricky it can be for anyone with a sweet tooth to get more fiber in their diet. Fortunately, Kodiak Cakes makes a line of baking mixes that includes whole grains and protein.

  4. Keto

    This mostly fat diet is more challenging than you might think, especially if you like sweet treats. If you can relate, you may already know about Swerve, a no-calorie sweetener that's keto-friendly.

  5. Gluten-Free

    Most of our HealthMarket departments have an impressive amount of gluten-free items, and that includes a variety of baking mixes and flours—most of which you can't even tell are gluten-free.

  6. Dairy-Free

    Since most baked goods have butter or milk, it's not always easy to find a dairy-free treat. That's why we love this peanut butter cookie that just happens to be dairy-free and also vegan.

  7. Low-Carb

    Low-carb desserts are hard to find. One way to reduce the amount of carbs in certain baked goods is by using ground almonds or other nuts in place of some of the flour. It works great for things like linzer cookies.

  8. Portion Control

    We know how tempting a second slice can be, which is why we like these mini cheesecake bites. Not only are they made with Greek yogurt, they're just the right size for treating yourself to two.