How to Make an Autumn Hand-Tied Bouquet

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How to Make an Autumn Hand-Tied Bouquet

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Things To Grab

  • 10 orange ranunculus
  • 7 disbud mums
  • 3 cream garden roses
  • 10 stems dusty miller
  • 5 stems silver brunia
  • Floral shears
  • Twine or string
  • Black-and-white gingham ribbon
  • 1 large glass vase



Creating a beautiful autumn bouquet is easier than you think. Or, you can always browse our selection of seasonal bouquets.


  1. Fill a large vase with warm water. Arrange dusty miller and silver brunia around the edges of the vase pointing stems inward and overlapping necessary. Allow them to hang over edges for a more rustic display.

  2. At an angle, insert ranunculus, mums, and roses as desired. 

  3. Once arranged to your liking, tie twine or string around the stems of the flowers and greenery. Then, hide string by tying a large black-and-white gingham ribbon over the twine and tying a large bow on the end. Display bow outside of the vase and trim to your liking.