4 Sweet Italian Wines to Try in Your Next Cocktail

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4 Sweet Italian Wines to Try in Your Next Cocktail

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Glass of citrus-berry sangria filled with sliced grapefruit and strawberries


February 19 2018


Happy hour meets dessert when you pop open a bottle of Prosecco and mix up a sweet cocktail. Plus we've got three more Italian wines we swear will sweeten your day.

  1. Prosecco

    Bellini Mocktail in Glass

    Known as a popular Italian white wine, Prosecco can be labeled as spumante (sparkling), firzzante (semi-sparkling), or tranquillo (still). Prosecco serves as the main ingredient in Bellini cocktails—a simple combination of Prosecco and peach puree—and is a less expensive substitute for Champagne.

  2. Moscato di Asti

    Getting its name from the Moscato bianco grape, this sweet sparkling wine has a low alcohol content making it a perfect pairing for appetizers, cheeses, and desserts. Use it to add bubbles to your next batch of Sangria.

  3. Marsala

    Lemonade with Mint Leaves

    Marsala gets its name from being produced in the city of Marsala, Sicily. Known for its similar flavors to port, Marsala is generally split into two categories: dry and sweet. Dry Marsala is often used for the famous Chicken Marsala dish; Sweet Marsala is used in dessert recipes and drinks. Try spiking a glass of ice cold lemonade with a splash of Sweet Marsala.

  4. Rosé Sparkling Wine

    This pink, sparkling wine has fresh and fragrant notes of red berries and white fruits. It pairs well with fish, chicken, and salad, and its slight acidity cuts through rich and creamy desserts. It can be used to mix up a number of cocktails or to add a little blush to your favorite sangria