5 Pasta Tapas to Make Tonight

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5 Pasta Tapas to Make Tonight

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Angel Hair Pasta Nests


February 19 2018


Sure they're kid-friendly, but that won't stop adults from chowing down. Check out 5 mini pasta bites for your next gathering.

  1. Parmesan Penne Cups

    Who says pasta has to come in giant bowls? These just-right portions double as appetizers or a light meal.

  2. Spinach Bow Ties

    You know it's a party when the bow ties show up. These adorable bites will have everyone talking.

  3. Angel Hair Pasta Nests

    This 3-ingredient creation makes an impressive appetizer and an equally impressive side dish. (Plus it's a clever way to feed a dozen guests on the cheap.)

  4. Italian Noodle Cups

    These unassuming Italian Noodle Cups pack in 10 grams of protein and provide a good source of calcium. Now that's a pasta bite we can make a meal out of.

  5. Mini Macaroni Bites

    Because sometimes you just want a bite (or three) of sharp cheddar mac & cheese. Try these Mini Macaroni Bites. Then try them with a couple drops of hot sauce.