7 Tips for Beginner Grillers

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7 Tips for Beginner Grillers

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July 26 2018


If you're new to grilling and not sure where to start, you've come to right place. Here's 7 helpful things to know before you get grilling. Also be sure to check our our Grilled Out Cooking Guide for more techniques and recipes.

  1. Essential Tools

    There's a lot of grilling gadgets on the market, but if you're just starting out, here's what you should have on hand:
    Meat thermometer
    2 sets of tongs: One for raw meat, one for cooked
    Stainless steel flipper
    Grill brush

  2. Turning on the Grill

    How to safely turn on your grill: For a gas grill, keep the lid raised and then turn on the gas from the propane tank. Next, turn on the gas burners on the grill. Press the auto light or ignition button and it should light. For a charcoal grill, arrange coals into a mound. Add lighter fluid to the pile of coals and light immediately. When the coals are covered in gray ash, they are ready.

  3. Oil the Grill

    For lean proteins, oil the grill before lighting it. This will keep low-fat meats from sticking to the grill. 

  4. Season Liberally

    Salt, pepper and other seasonings need to be spread evenly on the outside of meat before cooking. Novice cooks are often afraid of over-salting, but this helps meat create a savory flavor on the grill.

  5. Only Turn Meat Once

    Try to only turn meats once while they're cooking. This will retain moisture and flavor. Bigger cuts of meat can be turned more than once, just to ensure the meat is done. 

  6. Prevent Flare-Ups

    Flare-ups happen when there's excess fat and high heat. To avoid this, trim the meat before you put in on the grill and keep the heat at a manageable temperature. 

  7. Cleaning the Grill

    Maintain the quality of your grill for safety purposes and to make it last longer. Clean the grates with high heat and a grill brush with firm bristles.