Easy Fall Soups

Food Love: Fall
Easy Fall Soups—We Like All 3 of Those Words

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September 13 2017
  1. Sausage-and-Potato Corn Chowder

    If you like a little heat, swap in spicy Italian sausage instead of sweet links. 

  2. Beef and Barley with Mushrooms

    A medley of mushrooms adds a rich earthy fl avor to this hearty soup, while barley provides a pleasantly chewy texture. Serve with Hy-Vee Baking Stone rye bread.

  3. Autumn Minestrone with Garlic Bruschetta

    This beloved Italian soup, chock-full of hearty veggies and earthy greens, makes a satisfying and nutritious meatless meal.

  4. Smoke Ham and Lentil Soup

    Aromatic fennel brings a sweet and mildly spicy flavor to this fiber- and protein-rich soup. Serve with slices of crunchy toasted ciabatta.

  5. Curried Pumpkin Soup

    Carrots and pumpkin form the base of this light creamy soup. Indian spices add complex flavors that warm a winter day.

  6. Classic French Onion Soup

    The secret to this bistro favorite is the long, slow cooking of onions to allow their natural sugars to caramelize. Use aged Gruyère to get the traditional bubbling crust of cheese; it’s smooth and melts easily

  7. Turkey Vegetable Chowder with Lemon-Basil Dumplings

    Use leftover turkey or chicken in this bubbling soup. Top with tender dumplings that stir together quickly and puff up—almost magically—in the soup pot.