7 Big Reveals for a Gender-Reveal Party

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7 Big Reveals for a Gender-Reveal Party

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April 29 2020


Girl or boy? Share the joy of learning a baby's gender at a gender-reveal party. Here's how to throw the best-ever in person or virtual gender-reveal party.

  1. Gender Reveal Cake

    Ah, a classic. Our Hy-Vee bakeries are good at keeping your baby's gender a secret. Just slip them the sealed envelope from your doctor with the baby's gender, and they'll get to work.

  2. Gender Reveal Sweets

    Give cupcakes or donuts a pink or blue filling! If you're going to be surprised too, give the baker the ultrasound results before they make the treats. You can even order online!

  3. Balloon Pop

    Us a funnel to insert blue or pink confetti into a black balloon. Pop the balloon to send confetti fluttering for the big reveal. 

  4. Egg Roulette

    Dye hard-boiled eggs plus one raw egg (the gender color). Take turns hitting an egg on the forehead until the raw egg reveals.

  5. Tinted Bubbles

    Tint clear bubble solutions with pink or blue food coloring; cover labels. When you or guests blow bubbles; the gender is revealed.

  6. Fortune Cookies

    Microwave premade fortune cookies until soft. Remove the fortunes, insert your own fortune with the baby's gender. 

  7. Drink Reveal

    Purchase packets of pink or blue juice powders; wrap in paper to disguise the flavor and color of the packets. Pour powder into water to reveal the gender.