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Prescription Prepay

  1. What is Prepay?
    • When your prescriptions are ready for pickup, you can now pay for them online.
  2. How do I use Prepay?
    • You must have a registered Hy-Vee pharmacy account online.
    • Go to and click on My Pharmacy.
    • Log in to your pharmacy account then click on Prescription Status to view the status of your prescriptions.
    • Once you have prescriptions that are ready to pick up, you will then see an option to pay for those prescriptions online.
  3. When is my card charged?
    • Your card will be charged when you pick up your prescriptions at your Hy-Vee pharmacy.
    • Final costs (if any) will be determined and charged to your card at time of prescription pickup.
  4. Can I still pay inside the store with cash or credit card?
    • Yes. If you don't want to use prepay, you can still pay in store.
  5. Can I use FSA/HSA to prepay for my prescriptions?
    • We cannot accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) as online payment options at this time.
  6. Will Fuel Saver rewards apply with prepay?
    • We cannot apply Fuel Saver rewards for prepay transactions at this time.
  7. Can prepay be used for all prescriptions?
    • Some prescriptions may not be available for Prepay. Contact your pharmacy for further details.