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Cash 4 Students 2020-2021

Each school has their own method(s) on how they choose to collect and total receipts.  Feel free to adopt your own plan for your organization, and don’t hesitate to contact Brooke McKinstry, Hy-Vee Marketing Coordinator for ideas or any questions.  Organizations must register for the 2020-2021 program year by completing and submitting the Registration Form.  Throughout the program year, organizations must total receipts, fill out the Redemption Form and submit receipts at each of three submission dates in order to qualify for the final donation.  Checks will be cut, with the total donation value, at the end of the program in May 2021.

Some limitations do apply. See attachment below for more information and registration forms.

Cash 4 Students 2020-2021 Information:

Registration Form:

Redemption Form:

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