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Store Management

Store Director

Anna Stoermer

Manager Perishables
Gil Olmedo

Fuel Station Manager
Troy Huber

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Greg Snapp

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Michelle Sobotka

Catering Manager
Cathy Scassellati

HealthMarket Manager
Rebecca Forrest, MS, RD, LD

Mark Prece,CEC,AAC

Italian Express Manager
Jackie McPherson

Customer Care Education Manager
Sam Johnson

Kitchen Manager
Tim Freeman

Customer Service Manager
Torie Love

Market Grille Manager
Heather George

Human Resource Manager
Shauna Buffington

Meat Market Manager
Mike Auffert

Product Manager
Jimmy Lohman

Pharmacy Manager
Maria Trout

Bakery Manager
Shawn Casey

Produce Manager
Mike Martin

Chinese Express Manager
Chris Kelly

Salad Bar Manager
Adam Namanny

Coffee Shop Manager
Elia Swartz

Seafood/Service Meat Manager
Scott Smith

Cosmetics Manager
Stacey Resa

Wine & Spirits Manager
Anita Parker

Dairy Manager
Phill Maxwell

Assistant Director Store Operations
Matt Hadley

Delicatessen Manager
Lori Haney

Assistant Director Perishables
Brenda Slivinski

Floral Manager
Amber Auffert

Assistant Director Health, Wellness and Home
Terry Prindle

Frozen Foods Manager
Phill Maxwell

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