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Store Management

District Store Director

Lisa Michel

Assistant Manager General Merchandise
Michelle Martin

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Michelle Martin

Assistant Manager Perishables
Kala Ellingboe

HealthMarket Manager
Michelle Martin

Assistant Manager Perishables
Gayle Graber

Market Grille Manager
Theresa Hayes

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Nathan Frank

Meat Market Manager
Sheldon Martin

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Ryan Privia

Pharmacy Manager
Jennifer O'Day

Accounting Manager
Wendy Burgess

Produce Manager
Hannah Nichting

Bakery Manager
Ginger Wilkens

Starbucks Manager
Whitney McCarty

Dairy Manager
Darla Dunbar

Wine & Spirits Manager (In-Store)
Heather Grisham

Delicatessen Manager
Maggie Colyer

Store Manager
Ben Dolder

Floral Manager
Jennifer Cullen

Service Manager
Jeff Kimball

Frozen Foods Manager
Jami Martin-Christiensen

Service Manager
Misty Stice

Fuel Station Manager
Christy Ladd

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