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Store Management

Store Director

Mike Basch

Matt Hill

Floral Manager
Kristin Emmendorfer

Assistant Manager
Alyssa Lewis

Frozen Foods Manager
Barry Stewart

Assistant Manager
Elliot O'Callaghan

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Frances Williams

Catering Coordinator
Brenda Soares

HealthMarket Manager
Shana Duncan

Certified Beer Server
Rhylan Daily

Italian Express Manager
Dillon Urich

Certified Wine Specialist
Rhylan Daily

Kitchen Manager
Jean Pence

Sheri Craddock, RD, LD

Meat Market Manager
Ed Wiebe

Customer Service Manager
Debbie Walters

Pharmacy Manager
Cynthia Roades

Sheri Craddock, RD, LD

Produce Manager
Cory Frank

Human Resources Manager
Kimberly McKown

Salad Bar Manager
Jeremy Glenn

Online Shopping Manager
Brittany Topel

Seafood Manager
Aaron Merringer

Product Manager
Josh Denbow

Wine & Spirits Manager
Mali Simanowitz

Bakery Manager
Rhylan Daily

Assistant Director Store Operations
Jake Heston

Caribou Coffee Manager
Cheyenne Hallquist

Assistant Director Perishables
Tina Evans

Chinese Express Manager
Dillon Urich

Assistant Director Perishables
Brett Kay

Convenience Store Manager
Andy Pearson

Assistant Director Health, Wellness and Home
Kyle Andrews

Dairy Manager
Bart Holmes

Assistant Manager of Health, Wellness and Home
Trisha Rodriguez

Delicatessen Manager
Rod Traub

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