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Store Management

Store Director

Jason Sheridan

Store Manager

Michael Colson

Manager General Merchandise
Mick Nelson

Dairy Manager
John Swanson

Manager General Merchandise
Kevin Sullivan

Delicatessen Manager
Shelly Ross

Manager Perishables
Ervin Deumic

Floral Manager
Missy Mitchell

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Taylor Brown

Fuel Station Manager
Ryan St. John

Catering Manager
Stacey Berg

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Joel Weber

Certified Wine Specialist
Andrea Stater

HealthMarket Manager
Mark Tague

Certified Wine Specialist
Joel Weber

Italian Express Manager
Elizabeth Gilliland

Alex Strauss

Kitchen Manager
Ryan Bell

Human Resources Manager
Kari Nelson

Meat Market Manager
Jason Becker

Online Shopping Manager
Lindsay Helle

Pharmacy Manager
Carolyn Lewarne

Bakery Manager
Bob Harmeyer

Produce Manager
Marc Ristau

Bank Manager
Dan Hamann

Starbucks Manager
Rhonda Guyer

Chinese Express Manager
Bob Chen

Wine & Spirits Manager
Andrea Stater

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