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Store Management

District Store Director

Kyle Greenleaf

Assistant Manager Perishables
Lucas Chapman

Frozen Foods Manager
Kristine Francois

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Dave Bowling

HealthMarket Manager
Alexis Balvanz

Accounting Coordinator
Sharon Winters

Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits Manager
Eric Dodge

Catering Coordinator
Kim Gardner

Meat Market Manager
Jared Franzenberg

Certified Cicerone
Eric Dodge

Pharmacy Manager
Melita Campbell, Pharm D

Certified Wine Specialist
Eric Dodge

Produce Manager
Rob Green

Tracey Sauke, RD, LD

Seafood Manager
Clint Weber

Human Resource Manager
Marcela Bedore

Fast and Fresh Manager
Denise Green

Online Shopping Manager
Jordan Haas

Store Manager
Conor Erickson

Product Manager
Lauren Evenson

Store Manager
Conor Erickson

Bakery Manager
Jen Akins

Food Service Manager
Erica Buhr

Coffee Shop Manager
Kate Hediger

Assistant Manager E-Commerce
Marcela Bedore

Dairy Manager
Alex Nieves

Hy-Chi Manager
Erica Buhr

Floral Manager
Shelby Sandoval

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