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Store Management

Store Director

Joe Stupka

Store Manager

Dee Scott

Assistant Manager General Merchandise
Megan Schaffer

Frozen Foods Manager
Jeff Sorlie

Assistant Manager Perishables
Hailey Morseth

General Merchandise Manager
Austin Luhrs

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Alyssa Phillips

Health & Beauty Care Manager
Heidi Peterson

Accounting Manager
Alicia Elliott

HealthMarket Manager
Matthew McDonough

Catering Manager
Jolie Nelson

Meat Market Manager
Jason Stasny

Human Resource Manager
Kim Vrtacnik

Pharmacy Manager
Ali Dwyer, PharmD.

Product Manager
Amanda Schwartz

Produce Manager
Kory Reuvers

Bakery Manager
Tanner Behny

Starbucks Manager
Anna Christiasen

Asian Express Manager
Namhwon Lee

Wine & Spirits Manager
Ian Crates

Convenience Store Manager
Tracey Morseth

Hickory House Comfort Foods Manager
Andrew Kelly

Dairy Manager
Michael Peterson

Food Service Director
Pierre Ng

Delicatessen Manager
Dave Williams

Store Manager
Dave Mier

Floral Manager
Amy Petersen

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