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Store Management

Store Manager

Justin Lewer

District Store Director

Randy Ritts

Assistant Manager Perishables
Cole Ruhlig

Frozen Foods Manager
Chad Kujath

Assistant Manager Perishables
Cole Ruhlig

HealthMarket Manager
Deborah Litke

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Kenny Dreyling

Meat Market Manager
Blake Markell

Accounting Coordinator
Mike Morrissey

Night Stock Manager
Patrick Shouts

Catering Manager
Katie Todd

Pharmacy Manager
Emma White

Jorge Delgado

Produce Manager
Bryon Carlson

Customer Service Manager
Susan Kubista

Seafood Manager
Chris Devetter

Human Resource Manager
Michael Morrissey

Starbucks Manager
Beth Smith

Aisles Online Manager
Melinda Pilcher

Wine & Spirits Manager
Steve Standke

Product Manager
Tom Gwin

Assistant Manager of Health, Wellness and Home
Ryan Brewer

Bakery Manager
Al Duchene

Food Service Manager
Whitney Jones

Dairy Manager
Jim Gasner

Fast & Fresh Manager
Brian Pilcher

Delicatessen Manager
Teresa Kinneberg

Hy-Chi Manager
Jorge Delgado

Floral Manager
Barb Timlin

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