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Store Management

District Store Director

Brian Amsberry

Assistant Manager General Merchandise
Travis Messerly

Meat Market Manager
Brian Jarvinen

Assistant Manager Perishables
Thomas Newell

Meat Service Manager
Rob Ruffcorn

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Brad Howeth

Meat Service Manager
Justin Wild

Assistant Manager Store Operations
Collin Smith

Pharmacy Manager
Kyle Young

Shift Manager
Peter Jones

Produce Manager
Jake Harding

2nd Assistant Manager
Emily Johnson

Seafood Manager
Matt Ortman

Catering Coordinator
Emily Dunn

Wine & Spirits Manager
Mike Shively

Human Resources Manager
Spencer Strahl

Assistant Manager of Health, Wellness and Home
Hannah Mays

Aisles Online Manager
Darius Gaines

Starbucks Kiosk Manager
Amber Centamore

Product Manager
Chris Acers

Store Manager
Brad Neely

Bakery Manager
Jed Mathie

Service Manager
Matt Burns

Delicatessen Manager
Jessica Schuler

Service Manager
Lindsay James

Floral Manager
Pamela Langenfeld

Service Manager
Matt Krause

Fresh Express Manager
Mark Warneke

Service Manager
Vincent Rodriguez Martinez

HealthMarket Manager
Sean Kraemer

Food Service Manager
Kenny Korus

Market Grille Manager
Matt Tanner

Assistant Manager E-Commerce
Jeff Hughes

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